Welcome to the DigitClue HUB!

This website will offer a learning space on issues related to Digital Inclusion which you will be free to use in order to obtain and/or strengthen your knowledge on the digital world and its didactic aspects with a special focus on how to make it more inclusive. The target group for this page will be pre-service teachers, in-service teachers and university trainers/staff and learners.

Education is a powerful tool for building inclusive and pluralistic democratic societies. Democratic principles, including gender and racial equality, freedom of speech and religion, equality and acceptance of different sexual identifications do not come naturally. They need to be taught. Further, different scholars have demonstrated how experiences of discrimination and exclusion negatively affect students’ performance at school, if not their motivation to attend school in the first place. Considering these challenges in European Societies the project’s general aim is to enhance the quality of teaching to support the creation of inclusive schools that will provide young people with the necessary skills to participate in the democratic life and global knowledge.The idea of DIGITclue is to provide teachers with the skills, knowledge and tools to deploy ICT-based interactive and e-learning technologies for inclusive teaching.

The DigitClue HUB will provide relevant content on digital inclusion and didactic concepts for its implementation stepwise until by May 2023 at the latest in the six languages English, German, Croatian, Romany, Czech and Turkish.

That content is structured into four sections: Easy Learning, Portfolio, Handbooks and D.I.-Map. It can be accessed via https://www.digitclue.net.

Erasmus+ Projekt DigitClue (June 2021-May 2023)