Welcome to the Digital Inclusion Map (DI Map) page. On this map you can share your experiences, projects and links related to digital inclusion with other users, and/or view markers that have already been set. The map is meant to provide a networking opportunity and is inspired by the website www.queeringthemap.com.

Here are the brief instructions:

Clicking on the image of the map opens a new tab where you start at a random position on Earth. Scrolling and moving the map works similarly to the well-known digital map providers.

When you first visit the map you will be in “view mode”. You can now move the map around, scroll and look at elements that have already been added.

“Marker mode” (top right button):

Clicking on this button will put you in “marker mode”. Now, if you want to set a marker, you can click on a place of your choice. A window opens in which you can write your text. Then click on the “Submit” button below the text field to set your marker.

If you change your mind and do not want to set a marker, simply leave the text field empty and click on the “Submit” button. The marker will not be set. After that you will be back in “view mode”.

“Random button” (button at the bottom left):
When you click on this button, a random marker will be displayed to you. Feel free to try it out and gather your first impressions.


Go to the map by clicking on the Picture